Research Program

The objective of our research program is to formulate and validate mechanistic explanations of cognitive phenomena, that is explanations in terms of their underlying neurophysiological mechanisms. Our research program consists of three components: basic science, methodology and application.

Basic Science

The basic science component of our research program is about cognitive phenomena such as attention, expectation, and sensory evidence accumulation. These phenomena explain the variable response of an organism to a stimulus. In fact, this response does not passively reflect the physical properties of a stimulus, but also depends on the current state of the organism. In other words, the organism has an active role in the way a stimulus (1) is transformed into a pattern of neuronal activity and (2) elicits a particular behavioral response. We want to explain the organism's role in terms of its underlying neurophysiological mechanisms.


The methodological component of our research program is the characterization of interactions in spatially distributed n