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====== Home ====== This is the homepage of the research group //Neurophysiology of Active Perception//. We belong to the [[http://www.ru.nl/donders/| Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior]]. The general objective of our research program is to formulate and validate mechanistic explanations of cognitive phenomena, that is explanations in terms of their underlying neurophysiological mechanisms. Our focus is on //active perception//, which refers to perceptual phenomena that reflect the role of the perceiving organism (as opposed to the physical properties of the stimulus). Example phenomena are attention, expectation, and sensory evidence accumulation. In our experiments, we measure neurophysiological activity using a variety of techniques: MEG, ECoG and EEG in humans, and invasive recordings in rats, both epidurally and in the neuropil. Most of our experiments target the somatosensory system which can be studied very well in humans using MEG and in rats using invasive recordings. Besides basic science, our research program also has a strong methodological component, focusing on the characterization of interactions in spatially distributed neural activity. Our group actively seeks to apply our expertise to issues with societal and clinical relevance. In the past, we have been involved in [[http://www.nici.ru.nl/cgi-brain/index.cgi?page=index| brain-computer interfacing (BCI)]] and currently we are participating in a [[http://www.neuroseeker.eu/| European project]] targeted towards the development of novel electrophysiological probes.